Global Gossip 29.06.09: Part 2

BATD ON Jun 29, 2009 AT 11:56 am

Kylie Minogue and model Andres Velencoso

Kylie Minogue and model Andres Velencoso

Kylie Minogue and model Andres Velencoso looked very cozy this weekend as they enjoyed a romantic break in Paris. Rumours have been rife that two may tie the knot.  The couple strolled around the trendy St. Germain area of the city, taking in the sights – and a spot of lunch.  But the gorgeous Spanish model has not been Kylie’s only companion in Paris over the last few days. The pint-sized pop star also took time out to show A-list actress Demi Moore the sights. Who knew Demi and Kylie were such good friends?

Demi was in the city of love to launch her advertising campaign as the face of the new Helena Rubenstein fragrance, Wanted. But Ashton’s wife managed to mix business with pleasure – and dined out with Kylie twice in three days.

The pair made a striking image as they dined at the new Coste restaurant in the St. Germain district, with Kylie wearing a black silk shirt dress, and Demi wowing in a beaded metallic-gold mini. And naughty Demi even enjoyed a private visit to the Louvre gallery, where she took an unauthorised photo of the Mona Lisa.

She then posted the picture on Twitter, with a message for hubby Ashton Kutcher, back home in the US: ‘Ah… the Mona Lisa. ‘This one is for you baby! Direct from the Louvre. Eros waking his love Psyche.’

Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Talk about diva, Lily Allen had her own private helicopter on standby at the Glastonbury music festival. The ‘Not Fair’ singer boasted to other stars backstage about having the chopper ready to fly her out at a moment’s notice this weekend.

Singer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine said she told Lily:
“Wouldn’t it be amazing if you actually had a helicopter on standby when you clicked your fingers?”
According to Britain’s The Sun newspaper Lily replied: “That is my reality.  The heli is ready to go when I want. I thought I’d get one in case I get ‘the fear’.That way I can do my crying away from prying eyes on the way home.”

Lily, reportedly had the helicopter on standby in case she wanted to leave the event if she became too upset over the anniversary of her grandmother’s death.

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