Global Gossip: The Wedding Planners

BATD ON May 11, 2010 AT 10:12 am

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Kate Perry and Russell Brand announced their engagement back in January, and ever since then we’ve all been speculating about what extravagant party planning has been going on behind the scenes.

However it now seems that we may be disappointed as Katy Perry has told PEOPLE magazine: “I think [the wedding] will be small, I always have a ton of people around me and I think the people that are going to share this moment with us are the people we want to integrate into each other’s lives.”

However saying this, it seems that she may only be referring to the ceremony as the couple are planning a “a big, fat reception for the people who can’t make it,” says Perry.

We’re expecting our invite via carnival elephant-drawn carriage any day now…

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