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BATD ON Mar 10, 2010 AT 2:12 pm

Steve Martin And Alec Baldwin

When hundreds of celebrities are all in the same room, there is bound to be more to talk about than red carpet fashion and the winners. Lucky for us, the Academy Awards brought along all the gossip we had hoped for.

Well start with the red carpet happenings. Gerard Butler became impatient after having to wait for Victoria Beckham to pose for the paparazzi, so he decided to skip them all together and go into the show without getting a single picture snapped of him. He was still able to talk to other stars, including Gabourey Sidibe, who said she would, “hit that.” While being interviewed by Billy Bush, the three of them even joked about getting champagne, a room, and seeing where the night took them. Miley Cyrus showed up with her mother Tish, but when asked about rumours of her romance with her Last Kiss costar Liam Hemsworth, she stated that they were indeed true. She was shyer when asked if she was in love, replying with a quiet, “maybe.”

Nine sneaky Germans were arrested after trying to sneak into the Oscars. They made it onto the Red Carpet with fake passes with both MTV and CITI logos on them, but were stopped before entering the Kodak Theatre.

Kathryn Bigelow, director of best picture winning The Hurt Locker, was seated directly in front of her ex-husband and competition James Cameron. He was none-to-pleased when his multi-million dollar Avatar didn’t win out, but he was congratulated her on becoming the first female to ever win best director.

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosted the event together and received mixed reviews. Some of their jokes fell flat, but they were able to play off each other to keep the momentum going. They called out each of the nominees one by one, even wearing 3-D glasses while taking a stab at Avatar.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams

After presenting together, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams chatted for quite some time, spawning rumors of a new match. He even introduced her to a friend saying, “This is Rachel, she is the mother of my child.”

Demi Moore walked onstage wearing a ruffled Versace dress to introduce the “In Memoriam” section of the show, paying tribute to deceased actors. During this annual event, the Academy failed to mention Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur, greatly upsetting their family members.

After losing the best supporting actor category, Matt Damon and Stanley Tucci shared a glass of champagne and toasted winner Christoph Waltz.

With slumping ratings last year, producers this year tried to get young viewers to tune in a keep watching. They hired DJ Joel Madden to spin mixes during breaks to create a “party atmosphere” and ratings skyrocketed.

Sean Penn

Finally, it wouldn’t be a good celebrity-filled event if there wasn’t a rumoured fight. So you won’t be disappointed to hear that, according to E!Online, Sean Penn got in a punch up with Greg Shapiro, one of the Oscar-winning producers of ‘The Hurt Locker’, who is said to be dating Penn’s former partner, Robin Wright. Although his rep denies any confrontation sources told E!Online that “minutes after Penn and Shaprio came face-to-face, Academy officials said he was banned from the Ball”. Oh dear, oh dear.

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