Guy Ritchie to Launch Music Label

Mimi ON Jan 11, 2010 AT 11:38 am

Guy Ritchie with son Rocco

Guy Ritchie with son Rocco

Is Guy Ritchie set to make a move into the music industry? Apparently so, he is set to launch a music label. The British director believes The Punchbowl Band, an Irish folk group who regularly play at his London pub The Punchbowl, have what it takes to be successful and is funding Punchbowl Records to help give the band a boost. Guy said: “It’s exciting to venture into the music industry. It’s a tough place but I’ve seen this band connect with people. They have every chance of being embraced by a wider audience.”

Among the fans of the group are Justin Timberlake, who has even performed with them. He said: “Jamming with the guys was the bust fun I have ever had without a woman.”  The Punchbowl Band - made up of Willy Barr, Brendan McAuley, Steve Mulhern and Daniel Gott – will release their debut album ‘Journey’ on March 1 through Punchbowl Records, which is a subsidiary of Universal Records.

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