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Mimi ON Jan 11, 2010 AT 1:51 pm

Jamie Jungers reads about herself in The NY Post

Jamie Jungers reads about herself in The NY Post

I just read about this on The New York Post. One of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses, Jamie Jungers, is ready to help others. She been conspiring with Gordon Ramsay’s former alleged mistress Sarah Symonds about working on a project together.

The pair plan to help other women get out of toxic relationships with other people’s husbands. Symonds told us, “I run a group called Mistresses Anonymous. It’s the only support group for women who are in bad relationships with married men. I have been talking to Jamie about getting her involved.” Symonds, who appeared on the season finale of the US version of “Hell’s Kitchen” last May, said she had a seven-year affair with Ramsay, who refused to comment on her claims after they were published in Britain.

Symonds added, “Ideally what I’d like to do is a TV special with all of Tiger’s mistresses, where they could discuss the downside to being ‘the other woman,’ and whether he was good in bed.”

What will Chelsea Handler have to say about this, I say how about stop dating married men you w***es!

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