Interview with Alex Pettyfer Part 1

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Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

Read our exclusive interview with Alex Pettyfer who is currently starring in comedy-horror Tormented. We caught up with the star to talk movies, modelling and fame. Alex began his careering modelling at the age of seven after meeting Ralph Lauren in a toy store in New York. He hit the big time with teen spy movie Stormbreaker and set hearts racing in tween hit Wild Child. Now he’s back as Bradley in Tormented which is on general release today.

What appealed to you about Tormented?
The character of Bradley. He’s not a nice guy but that was the appeal – it scared me as an actor to play such a character. Actually, when I first got the script he was written a lot nicer and he had a different death – it wasn’t the violent end he meets in the movie, which I won’t reveal for people who haven’t seen the film. In the original script he got stabbed in the stomach but apparently when that happens you live for three days and slowly bleed to death.

Was it fun to play a nasty character?
Playing a nasty character is a lot easier than playing a nice guy. It takes up a lot more energy, I guess, but you have a lot more range. I find it hard to play the nice, sweet, straight-down-the-line guy because you can only do so much with it.

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

Was there any bullying at your school and if so which side of it were you on? I didn’t spend enough time at school to be on either side of it. I wasn’t a victim or a bully, but I don’t think a lot of it went on. There was a lot of banter but not bullying. That tends to happen more through the internet or phones these days, which is what we touch on in the film.

At what age did you leave school?
At 15. I did Tom Brown’s Schooldays, got the acting bug, went back to school but it felt like I’d experienced the world in a different manner, especially after having acted with Stephen Fry. Then I went off and did Stormbreaker and never returned.

Do you regret not going back to finish your education?

Nah. I get to go back in films anyway and I’m not interested in going back and learning about geometry, mathematics or any of that c**p. I think we learn stuff every day and I don’t think any other 19-year-old, unless they have the same job as I have, gets to have all these amazing experiences, working with people like Mickey Rourke and Stephen Fry. I travel the world as well. I’ve got a great job.

What are your horror movie favourites?

You know what, I don’t often watch horror films. They scare me too much, although I did watch The Exorcist and laughed. How anyone can find it scary is beyond me. Er, I have seen Freddie Vs Jason. I loved making Tormented but I don’t enjoy watching horror movies. I’m a bit of a wuss.

What scares you in real life?
It used to be flying, but I’ve gotten over that in the last six months. It was pretty much a case of do it or don’t have a career, because there’s so much travel involved in making and promoting movies. It wasn’t so much the fear of flying as being claustrophobic, but I did a course to help me combat that fear. I also worry about getting allergies, like being allergic to nuts. Whenever I eat them I get the symptoms, like the tight throat, even though I’m not actually allergic. It’s crazy. And I don’t like getting in lifts but that’s the claustrophobia again.
Tormented is out on DVD on the 28th of September.

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