Is Cheryl Leaving Us For L.A.?

BATD ON Aug 02, 2010 AT 1:28 pm

Cheryl Tweedy and Derek Hough in LA

Cheryl Tweedy and Derek Hough in LA

Cheryl Tweedy/Cole may be moving to Hollywood after talk of potential roles on several American hit shows, including Dancing With the Stars, which would help launch the singer’s career in the states, where she is virtually unknown.   

The 27-year-old UK sensation just recovered from her potentially life-threatening battle with Malaria, and has recently been spotted on vacation in L.A. with Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough.  On Sunday, the two were seen grabbing lunch at Subway after going to Pacific Theatres to catch a showing of Angelina Jolie’s new movie, SaltTweedy was seen in a pair of black harem-style pants with a matching black hat and a t-shirt imprinted with the word “Awesome.”    

The Girls Aloud singer filed for divorce from cheating husband Ashley Cole in May, and she and “friend” Hough have recently gotten close during her battle with Malaria, which the pop singer contracted while on holiday in Tanzania with Hough in June. 

Cheryl Tweedy and Derek Hough in LA

Cheryl Tweedy and Derek Hough in LA

Tweedy told Simon Cowell that she will resume her role as judge on The X Factor at the end of August.  While in L.A, she plans on heading back to the recording studio, though she has a rather packed itinerary; a casual lunch is scheduled with Fox Network to discuss a potential slot on the new American version of The X Factor, and a meeting with ABC execs may land Tweedy a spot beside Hough on Dancing with the Stars.  Tweedy is rumored to be house-hunting in L.A., though further details have not yet been confirmed.    

With exciting career plans in store for her and a budding romance with Hough, it looks like our favorite pop songstress is well on her way to full recovery!

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