Is Lindsay In or Out?

BATD ON Mar 09, 2010 AT 1:52 pm

Lindsey Lohan

Having left the fashion world reeling after her first collaborative efforts, Lindsay Lohan is apparently still at the Artistic director’s helm of Ungaro.

WWD have reported that she’s been signed on for another shot at the role however, not only was she not present at their show, but the Chairman, Asim Abdullah, was quoted saying Lohan was “not involved in this collection”.

Now over at BeautyandtheDirt we find it hard to believe that an ‘Artistic Director’ can have no input into a collection whatsoever, unless she’s been unofficially sacked or had an urgent fake tan appointment that simply couldn’t be missed.

Who knows what the reason is (although the latter sounds plausible), but by all accounts the collection wasn’t particularly noteworthy, so something’s going to have to change soon. What a shame that such an established fashion house is shrouded by celebrity gossip rather than the clout of its collection.

What makes it even worse is that she’s been spotted attending pretty much ALL the other shows, inlcuding Kenzo, Dior, Victor&Rolf AND Chanel this morning. Something is clearly going here…

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