Jen Bares All In W

Mimi ON Dec 10, 2009 AT 12:09 pm

Jennifer Garner in W

Jennifer Garner in W

The very private Jennifer Garner opened up during a revealing interview with W Magazine, could it be that all is not going swimmingly in the Garner/Affleck household? When the subject of Ben is brought up she explains that it’s not Ben but her girlfriends that she simply just can’t live without.

She said: “I miss my girlfriends! That’s the hardest thing about being on location when it’s not for your own project. When it’s for you, you’re on set with everybody you know, but if not, it’s lonely. I can live with Ben working crazy hours. But I can’t live without girlfriends around to talk about men with! It’s fine if he’s not there; I just need someone to bitch about it to!”

Well, when a friend is hard to come by you can always have a good bitch in a magazine eh Jen?

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