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BATD ON Feb 09, 2010 AT 11:22 am

Jennifer Aniston in Mexico

Jennifer Aniston in Mexico

Well this is pretty cosy, yesterday we reported that Gerard had tagged along for Jen’s Mexican holiday but now we hear that it was in fact Gerard that organised the whole trip, is this the proof we’ve been waiting for? That Jennifer has finally found her happy ending? Jen revealed it was Gerard’s idea to whisk her and a group of friends away to Mexico for her 41st birthday. Jennifer explained: “He said to me, ’You come to Mexico all the time and Mexico is really hurting right now because of the swine flu and the drug trafficking and all of this sort of stuff but it’s not all of Mexico.’

“These people survive on us coming down and spending money and coming here to these beautiful places. It sort of made sense to say, ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico.’ Let’s shout out to these kids in Tijuana at El Faro and have a good time. That’s sort of our birthday celebration this year.”

What do you think readers? And Jen and Gerard on?

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