Jess and Gerard’s Wild Ride

Mimi ON Jun 07, 2011 AT 11:28 am

Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel

Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel

It seems that Jessica Biel is taking her recent break-up with longtime beau Justin Timberlake quite well! While most of us would spend the first few single weeks with pajamas and comfort foods, Jessica chose to spend hers in better company – on the back of a motorcycle with Gerard Butler.

On Thursday, Jessica was spotted looking tough and chic in dark glasses, a black helmet, and lace-up combat boots while along for a ride down California’s Pacific Coast Highway on Gerard’s massive bike. Jessica kept her arms tightly wrapped around his waist the whole time, fueling rumors that the two stars may be romantically involved.

Jessica and Gerard met on the set of their upcoming comedy Playing the Field in March. While Butler’s rep said, “They’re just friends,” we wouldn’t blame Ms. Biel for hooking up with Gerard – he’s the perfect rebound from Justin, who has recently been linked to half of Hollywood, including Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde. Riding a motorcycle with the gorgeous Gerard certainly pales in comparison to Justin and Mila’s very public grope-fest at the MTV Movie Awards!


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