JLS Get One Big Surprise

BATD ON Nov 20, 2009 AT 11:43 am



What would you do to meet your favourite star? You would be surprised what extremes some will go to. We heard that a fan of JLS actually hid in their luggage in an attempt to meet them…yes you heard us right, she hid herself in a bag. The girl hid herself in a holdall matching that of the group’s luggage at a hotel they were staying at in Dublin, Ireland, in the hope of being smuggled to the airport with the four boys.

However, their entourage noticed the bag containing the girl was “moving” and rescued her before she was packed into the back of the tour bus. A source close to the group told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “It’s getting to the point where the fanaticism is dangerous.  This girl was so meticulous. She had brought along her own bag to match the luggage the guys normally use. But it was moving slightly and didn’t have any tags so one of the security lads saw it. When the girl was pulled out she had been in there for at least half an hour and was close to fainting.”

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