Jonah Hill vs Matthew Morrison

Mimi ON Sep 28, 2011 AT 12:19 pm

Matthew Morrison laying down the law

Matthew Morrison laying down the law

When comedian, Jonah Hill (Superbad), recently appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, he opened up a can of worms when he called out Matthew Morrison for using Jonah’s name as a punch line in one of Morrison’s jokes.

Jonah recounted the story to Jimmy saying that he saw Matthew Morrison talking to Chase Crawford (Gossip Girl) at a party and heard something he didn’t like. Says Jonah, “I wander behind these two guys and I’m eavesdropping and I hear, ‘something something something… JONAH HILL!’ and they both start laughing! So I’m the punch line in this guy’s joke?!”

“Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your s*** next time I see you, dude!” yelled Hill at the camera, while Jimmy tried to calm him down and laugh it off.

It’s no surprise that Matthew Morrison heard word of this and has now responded with a video of his own.

You think I can’t sing my way out of this?” says Morrison in the video. “Well, guess what Jonah…I can sing my way out of it and I can dance my way out of it so pick a date and I will meet you on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and we will settle this like men.”

Apparently, it wasn’t a wise decision to bad-talk Morrison. “Be afraid…” Morrison warns Jonah in the video. “Be very afraid, because NOBODY messes with someone from musical theatre.” With this final statement, Morrison starts dancing and singing with a cane and dances off the screen.

Jimmy promises that we’ll be able to watch this fight go down on screen. He wants to bring both men on his show “to squash this beef,” but even Fallon doesn’t know what will happen. “It’s gonna be big,” he says. “Holy mackerel, you guys,” he says. “I’m a little nervous.”

Watch the full video here:

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