Jude, really?

BATD ON Jul 31, 2009 AT 1:30 pm

Samantha Burke is expecting Jude's child

Samantha Burke is expecting Jude's child

So this week we filled you in on all the gossip surrounding Jude Law, yes after a quick fling last Christmas it now turns out that Jude is having another baby – guess he got more than he bargained for. Previously know as the ‘mystery woman,’ her identity has finally been revealed. Yes here is Samantha Burke in all her glory. We hear she is a model/aspiring actress and we’re thinking this kind of coverage surely can’t hurt her career.

Apparently the two met while Jude was filming in New York and their relationship only lasted a few weeks. When Samantha found out she was pregnant she had difficulty contacting Jude – funny how he was suddenly unavailable. A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: “She tried to reach him, but the cell phone number she had for him was a temporary number he only used in New York. Her only way of contacting him was through his publicist. That’s when they got the DNA test done, to make sure that it really was Jude’s baby.” Good luck Jude.

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