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Mimi ON Dec 12, 2008 AT 5:55 pm

With a mother like Goldie Hawn it is no surprise that Kate Hudson has found a place for herself in the acting world, but we are excited to learn she will soon be once again frequenting the silver screen with a new film to be released in the next few months and four films in 2009.

Raised among actors, she began her career on the teen show, ‘Party of Five.’ After some smaller roles in movies like ‘200 Cigarettes’ and ‘Gossip’, Hudson’s big break came with her portrayal of seventies groupie, Penny Lane, in ‘Almost Famous’ (2000), a role that gained her an Oscar nomination.

Having established a name for herself, Hudson landed lead roles in popular films like ‘Le Divorce’ (2003) with Naomi Watts, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ (2003) with Matthew McConaughey, and ‘You, Me and Dupree’ (2006) with Owen Wilson.

In 2007, Hudson divorced her husband Chris Robinson, the leader of The Black Crowes, with whom she has one son, Ryder Russell Robinson. Rumorus swirled that the couple had separated because of an affair between Hudson and Owen Wilson that began on the set of ‘You, Me and Dupree.’ Hudson took a break from acting in 2007 to sort out her private life and did not appear in any films.

This year, Hudson returned to the silver screen with ‘Fool’s Gold’, co-starring with Matthew McConaughey for a second time.

Just a few weeks ago, Hudson’s pictures began appearing all over billboards for her new Boston-based film ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’, co-starring Jason Biggs and comedian Dane Cook. In this new comedy, Hudson plays the female lead in a complicated love triangle between Cook and Biggs.

But, everyone will be seeing much more of Hudson in the coming year with four films to be released in 2009, including ‘Bride Wars’, where she and Anne Hathaway will play best friends who begin to fight when they realize they have scheduled their weddings on the same day. Following ‘Bride Wars’ will be the high-profile film ‘Nine’ with Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench, and Daniel Day-Lewis. In this film adaptation of the 1982 stage musical, Hudson shakes her bum in a 60s go-go number that will be sure to entertain! Look for ‘Nine,’ out Christmas Day.

Hudson has clearly been keeping herself busy and we are all looking forward to the exciting new projects from one of our favorite Hollywood females whose beauty, fashion, and films have been intriguing us for years.

Kate Hudson at the 'You, Me and Dupree' premiere

Kate Hudson

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