LA Profile: Amanda Annan

BATD ON Apr 28, 2009 AT 3:58 pm

Amanda Annan

Amanda Annan

In LA you’ll find people from all walks of life, as one of the most cosmopolitan cities, it’s full of the rich and famous. We’ve spoken to model Amanda Annan about her experiences and the LA lifestyle.

Name:  Amanda Annan.

Occupation: Model, Host, Actress,

Place of birth: London.

Biggest life achievement to date? Working with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.  He is a legend. 

Favourite thing to do in LA? Going to the beach in Malibu.

Favourite place to chill in LA? Cecconi’s.

Who’s your best friend? Isabel Hudson. X- model and mother of 2 lovely kids. She absolutely embodies the modern female.

What’s your best characteristic? Compassion. 

How do you chill? Meditation.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Take my vitamins.

What’s on your iPod? Andrea Bocelli.

Amanda on the cover of Woman to Woman

Amanda on the cover of Woman to Woman

What’s your favourite item of clothing? Rock and Republic Jeans.

What’s your favorite meal and drink? Fav meal is Spicy African Rice. My fav drink is cool freshly squeezed lemonade.

What’s your one beauty/grooming secret? I always wash my face before going to bed.  Girls, no matter how excited you are…wash your make-up off.

What would you change in the world if you could? Poverty.

What’s a beauty ’must’  for women? Shave your armpits. Please!

What’s a grooming ‘must’  for men? Take a shower.

What’s a beauty NO for women? Too much make-up.

What’s a grooming NO for men? Please if you are going to have a manicure, do not paint your nails.

How do you stay looking good? No junk food , exercise and drink lots of water.  Stay ” drama free”, less stress makes you live longer.

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