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BATD ON Apr 24, 2009 AT 9:44 am

James Caprell

James Caprell

In and around LA you come across some really interesting people (there are some crazy ones you want to run away from too!) But James Caprell falls into the cool interesting category. He left the world of finance to pursue his passion, which took a lot of people by surprise,  good on him I say.

Name: James Caprell

Occupation: Artist (Painter) and gallery owner.

Place of Birth: San Jose, CA.

Biggest Achievement: Learning to stop making achievements. My biggest achievement is my biggest achievement in life.

Favourite Thing To Do In LA: A stroll through Bergamot Station.

Who’s Your Best Friend? : My Wife or my dog, it’s a toss up.

What’s Your Best Characteristic?: My willingness to change.

How Do You Chill: Meditation.

What’s the First Thing You Do When You Wake Up?: Pray.

What’s On Your iPod?: Sermons.

Artist James Caprell

Artist James Caprell

What’s Your Favourite Item of Clothing: My White Sox cap.

What’s Your Favourite Meal and Drink: Vietnamese at Le Saigon on Santa Monica Blvd.

What’s Your One Grooming Secret: If you grow your hair out, you won’t spend as much on haircuts.

What Would You Change In the World If You Could: The only thing I really can change – Myself.

The James Caprell gallery is currently exhibiting LIFEBLOOD: exploring the sources of human fuel, paintings hanging in the gallery are abstract expressions of what’s on our hearts driving us . . . For a description of the exhibition go to under The Collection tab, at

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