LA Profile: Treva Etienne

BATD ON Jun 25, 2009 AT 5:41 pm

Treva Etienne

Treva Etienne

This week it is the turn of Treva Etienne to be under our spotlight. Treva is an established Stage, Television and film actor who was born over here in London. You might know him from his roles in ‘The Godsend’ and ‘Only Fools and Horses’. Now over in LA he is working with industry greats such as Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Michael Bay and Tom Cruise.

Name: Treva Etienne

Occupation: Actor/Director

Place of birth: London, UK

Biggest life achievement to date? My short films

Favourite thing to do in LA? Mountain Drives

Favourite place to chill in LA? Griffith Park

Who’s your best friend? My brother

What’s your best characteristic? I love laughter

How do you chill? I watch old Movies

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Turn over

What’s on your iPod? Everyone

What’s your favourite item of clothing? My sandals

What’s your favourite meal and drink? Fish Bakes and Ginger Ale

What’s your one beauty/grooming secret? Water

What would you change in the world if you could? That we could strive to believe and recognise the word and action of nobility more often…

What’s a beauty must for women? Clean teeth

What’s a grooming must for men? Clean nostrils

What’s a beauty NO for women? Dandruff

What’s a grooming NO for men? Body odour

How do you stay looking good? Stay open and Keep laughing

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