Lady Gaga Expresses Herself

Mimi ON Apr 21, 2011 AT 2:10 pm

Lady Gaga & madonna

'This is exhausting.'

Oh, Gaga… Her new song “Judas” just hit the airwaves and she has something to say about those lyrics everyone is criticizing about.

“I just have to say (Starts crying)….I feel like honestly that God sent me those lyrics and that melody. When you feel a message to give to the world and people are shooting arrows through it…there’s no way for something that pure to be wrong. (Reaches for Marilyn Monroe lighter) I need a cigarette.”

We love you Gags but we don't believe you for a second!

Then she went on to defend her song, “Express Yourself”. Oh sorry, we mean…”Born this way.” Many have compared it to Madonna’s hit “Express Yourself,” and she had a few select words to defend herself…

“No. Listen to me. Why the fuck…? I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded. What a completely ridiculous thing to even question me about. I will look you in the eyes and tell you that I am not dumb enough or moronic enough to think that you are dumb or moronic enough not to see that I would have stolen a melody.

If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities are the chord progression. It’s the same one that’s been in disco music for the last 50 years. Just because I’m the first fucking artist in 25 years to think of putting it on Top 40 radio, it doesn’t mean I’m a plagiarist. It means I’m fucking smart. Sorry.

(Starting to well up) I just don’t want my fans – I don’t know. This is exhausting. I just don’t want to perpetuate that shit. I’m sure you want to address, but it’s so ridiculous. I was fucking shell-shocked by it. It’s so funny to hear you say, ‘It must have been an homage,’ I’m like, NO. When I homage, I fucking homage with a big fucking sign saying I’ve done it. Why would I not do that now? I need a fucking drink. (Sighs). ”

….interesting! We’ll leave it to you guys to decide if it resembles the song, or not!

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