Lindsay Loses It (…Again)

Mimi ON Jun 23, 2011 AT 1:12 pm

Lohan drinks an unknown substance

Unsurprisingly, Lindsay Lohan is set to stand in front of a judge at the LAX Courthouse in Los Angeles at 10am tomorrow morning for a probation hearing. In the middle of her 35-day house arrest for her previous probation violation, she tested positive on 13th and 14th June for alcohol – which she was forbidden to consume.

Lohan was having a rooftop party at her Venice, California home, and photos reveal wine glasses and beer bottles scattered about.  Lohan herself was seen drinking an unknown liquid from a red plastic cup, and was laughing loudly with her friends.  She denies that anyone was drinking alcohol, but the tests are working against her so far.

Lohan’s frequent probation violations have everyone speculating that Judge Stephanie Sautner might just throw her back in jail.  Today Perez Hilton tweeted “@lindsaylohan Girl! I think you’ve finally run out of chances! Sad. Sad. Sad.” You know what they say – what Perez says, goes…

Lohan and her friends partying on her roof

We’re anxious to see what happens to this repeat offender. You can’t help but feel a bit bad for her… 5 mug shots, multiple court hearings, strict probation rules, and absolutely no improvement whatsoever.  What ever happened to the cute kid in the Parent Trap?


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