Matthew Goode

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Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode

One to watch in 2010, Matthew Goode, has proved his versatility in the acting world starring in such films as Match Point, Watchmen, and his breakout role in Chasing Liberty.

From the beginning of his career, Goode has been compared to Hugh Grant and Rupert Everett, but, instead of being pigeonholed to these types of characters, he has taken roles across the spectrum. He enjoys taking on new genres because it forces him to step outside his comfort zone, allowing him to grow as an actor. His latest film, Tom Ford’s A Single Man, will release in February and stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.

When asked how it was to work with the famous Tom Ford, Goode remembers his first day of shooting. After the first take, Ford came up and said, “Remember, guys, to keep your chins up. Nobody likes to see a big double chin on a screen 50 feet high.” All Goode could say was, “That’s it? That’s all you’re gonna give me?” But Ford guided his actor’s with a simple mission statement and with faith in them to carry out the rest. Goode also remembers fondly of how he got to know his co-star Colin Firth. Their first moments together were spent in Firth’s hotel room, sipping vodkas while getting spray tans for the next scene.

Leap Year, a romantic comedy, is due out in February as well, Goode stars opposite Amy Adams who decides to travel to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day.

His character, from Western Ireland, has a thick Irish accent, so he had to get tutored to prepare for the role. This was a difficult process, but, since his tutor has helped many stars, including Meryl Streep, he eventually got the hang of it. We hear they thought he had such a great Irish accent, director Anand Tucker had to ask him to water it down a little so that viewers could understand what he was saying. However having seen it, yes, he does make a superb leading man, but I remain unconvinced on that accent. 

While filming in Ireland for the first time, Goode got to experience the culture. Although the pub culture is very similar to that of the British, Goode does admit that Guinness tastes better on the Emerald Island. For him, the best part about filming there was the ability to easily make trips home to see his partner Sophie.

His wife has since given birth to their daughter, named Matilda. People often ask if she was named after him, but in actuality, her namesake is the Roald Dahl character and one of the first English queens.

The third film Goode will appear in this spring is Cemetery Junction, which was co- written by Ricky Gervais. It is a comedy about living in a small town and wanting to escape.

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