Miley at 18; Can’t Be Tamed!

BATD ON Nov 23, 2010 AT 2:57 pm

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus celebrating her 18th birthday

Disney darling Miley Cyrus just turn the big 18 today and she wasted NO time in getting the party started.  Last night, she celebrated at her post AMA/pre birthday party in Hollywood with a big cake and a pretty raunchy make out session with her rumoured boyfriend Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia.

The teen sensation partied with her mom Tish, famous friend Demi Moore and Demi’s daughter Rumor Willis—all while wearing skin-tight leather jeans and a leather bikini top. Rumour has it that Miley was chain smoking throughout the entire night.

miley cyrus

Things got hot and heavy with BF Avan Jogia

At about 2am Miley was caught in a heavy make out session, outside the Trousdale where she partied—with Avan sprawled on top of her.  Pretty cheeky if you ask us—considering this all happened last night and she just turned legal (in the US) today.

Either way… Happy birthday Miley, don’t get too carried away (we don’t need another Lindsay Lohan on our hands).

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