Mischa Barton’s Weekend Brawl

BATD ON Nov 03, 2009 AT 12:25 pm

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton was left with egg or rather drink on her face after she started a fight. We hear Mischa was furious when a reveller threw a drink over her at New York’s Park Bar on Saturday (31.10.09) after she accidentally stepped on his foot. An onlooker said: “I was standing beside this guy at the bar when Mischa went past us carrying two drinks. The next thing I knew he threw his drink over her back and she turned around and asked him: ‘Did you just throw a drink over me?’ The man responded that the drink was in retaliation for Mischa stepping on his shoe and she threw one of her drinks in his face.” We thought since her stint at the Cedars-Sinai Centre Mischa was supposed to be taking it easy? We guess not…

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