Mistress Mistress: II

Mimi ON Jan 06, 2009 AT 3:49 pm

How did you spend your Christmas Eve?
Second installment of our Mistress Mistress blog.

Slave R was shaking uncontrollably. The coloured lights I had wrapped around his naked and whipped body were blinking furiously. I had instructed Slave R to stand on one foot and hold his arms straight out to his side. He was my human Christmas Tree. The ornaments were shaking as it became harder and harder for him to keep his arms straight out. I threw handfuls of tinsel at him and roared with laughter. Slave R relished in humiliation and I adored doling it out as rapidly as a machine gun round. I called into the room some of my better partners in crime (AKA other Mistresses) and proceeded to humiliate R more. A crowd of beautiful women donning fetish wear can be very intimidating.

“Sing us some carols, you wreck of a tree.”

The stuttering began. “Wha, Wh-What would Mistress l, l-like to hear?”

“Mistress would like to see a little bit of originality, you sad, pathetic Charlie Brown tree.” I said.

R took a moment to regain composure, well as much as he could regain considering how foolish he looked. He took in a deep breath and began to sing beautifully.

Silent night filled the medieval room. Five Dominatrixes all swayed  together in unison, dressed in corsets, latex and fishnets. It was a touching, yet surreal moment. You see, R in his ‘real’ world is a trained opera singer. Despite the beauty of his voice, the game had to continue. I made him sing “Silver Bells” before all five of us pelted him with raw eggs. We wickedly laughed as we watched Slave R fall over in a pile of lights, broken ornaments, tinsel and egg goop.

Three hours later I was at my Grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve.  I was surrounded by relatives, children, presents, and a decadent seafood meal. I couldn’t shake the visual imagine of Slave R singing butt naked while dressed like a trimmed tree. It was funny, yet on some level, rather disturbing. I had that same feeling you get when you’re talking sh*t about a guy you’re seeing to your girlfriends. That paranoia that forces you to check your cell phone every few minutes in case by some freak coincidence you’re accidently dialing the exact person you’re bashing. Being in this pure environment with Grandma and toddlers, celebrating the innocence of Christmas, but knowing what was going down just 3 hours prior, can kinda screw your head up. It’s almost as if you feel like everyone can see into your mind. Of course thats incredibly ridiculous as you know your Uncle Sammy isn’t going to crook his brow at you and say:

“Gee, how could you do such things to that poor Opera Singer on Christmas Eve?! He has a family after all!”

It’s these moments in life that are often times very weird for the Pro Dom. The duality of what we do as a Dom versus who we are as functioning members of society. The collision of conscience happens now and again.

I’m talking to my cousin about his cat when my Grandma comes over to me and kisses me on the head. She tells me how wonderful it is to see me and how much she loves me. I smile but my brain goes warp speed to the room of Doms all chucking raw eggs at Slave R’s head. My smile turns into a chuckle. F**k confliction, I gave that man the most memorable Christmas Eve of his life!

Here’s to a perverse 2009!

Slaps ‘n’ Kisses, xx Mistress Mistress xx

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