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Mimi ON Oct 06, 2010 AT 3:32 pm

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler

Rumours of Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent canoodling as well as Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams dating have recently been confirmed with photographic proof from the paparazzi.

The random and unexplainable romance between Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent is being described as “more of a hook-up thing—whenever they’re in the same town.” In any case, we have to admit that picturing these two together was never something we thought we’d have to do, but more power to this unconventional pair for breaking the mould!

Charlie Sheen and Rachel McAdams

Charlie Sheen and Rachel McAdams

As far as this whole Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams fling is concerned, we’re a bit surprised and left unsure how to feel about this coupling. The two were caught getting cosy at a bash for Sheen’s movie Beautiful Boy. Onlookers report that the couple didn’t leave each others’ sides all night.

Perhaps our lack of excitement for Sheen and McAdams has to do with a certain ex-fiancee. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams‘ chemistry in The Notebook melted our hearts. We’re still holding out for those two to rekindle their flame. Here’s to hoping!

Being a celebrity can be tough though, with the paparazzi constantly intruding on your life and people talking to the tabloids behind your back. Sometimes we have to wonder if being rich and famous is really worth it. Not!

Of course being popular comes with its drawbacks but we’re convinced that these celebs love their stardom despite the lack of personal space that goes along with it.

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