Q Goes Gaga

Mimi ON Feb 24, 2010 AT 11:39 am

Lady Gaga in Q Magazine

Despite often wearing next to nothing and often strolling around in nothing but a leotard, Lady Gaga considers herself to be ‘quite a lady’. Ironically Gaga goes on to pose topless (covering her modesty with her hands) in the recent issue of Q magazine revealing all about her image.

Posing in a pair of spiky black trousers and a whole load of chain necklaces Gaga said: “Well, I believe in certain institutions: cooking, serving dinner, taking care of my family. So I consider myself quite the lady.”

Earlier this year she was forced to cancel her gigs due to exhaustion and it seems the cracks are still showing, after the photoshoot and interview Gaga broke down in tears, while it was visible that she seemed to be cracking under the pressure. Time for a break Gaga?

Read the full interview in Q out now.

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