Rendezvous in Rio

BATD ON Nov 09, 2010 AT 11:48 am

robert kristen

The two were spotted kissing in Rio last night

Seems like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are no longer shying away from the public.  The two were spotted yesterday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil kissing in front of cameras!

The cameras, though, were the ones on set of the fourth instalment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn.  The two, plus crew, were filming honeymoon scenes in Brazil’s capital.   The kiss was for one of the scenes of the movie… Bummer!

robert kristen

Robert and Kristen waving to fans from their hotel balcony

However, the couple did wave to fans from their hotel balcony earlier in the day.  The two, both wearing sunglasses, looked cheerful as they waved to the fans, and even performed a little dance for the crowd below.

If it’s the Rio sun that has them in such a good mood, we say soak up those rays then.

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