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Mimi ON Nov 19, 2008 AT 3:26 pm

The stalker of actress Sandra Bullock is finally put to justice. Marcia Valentine was arrested and charged a with three-year probation on Nov. 5, 2008; after admitting to stalking the actress and violating the restraining order Bullock filed against her.  The 47 years old dental assistant from southern California was arrested the previous year for attempting to run Bullock’s husband off the road.

In May of 2007 Valentine attempted on several occasions to run husband Jesse James over after he sighted her outside of their home. It was then that Bullock decided to put and end to all of it, and ordered a restraining order against Valentine. Because James was not injured during the attempt, the felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon was dropped.

However, in recent news, James is facing even more legal problems in the last couple of months. Not only are he and Bullock dealing with the ‘Valentine Problem;’ but James is now being sued for taking something that was not his. According to, James backed out of a clothing line deal with Fashion Industries LLC. James then took the idea of the clothing line and put his own name on it, which had not been included in the previous agreement.

Sandra Bullock has also been reported to accepting the leading role in romantic comedy ‘Proposal’. The role portrays a woman in charge of a company who marries one of her employees in order to avoid being deported. The screen play was written by Peter Chiarelli, who also wrote ‘Eagle Eye’, and produced by David Holberman and Todd Lieberman. She is also rumored to be playing Mary Hororwitz in the 2009 flick, ‘All About Steve’. She is anticipated to have a role in a film entitled ‘Kiss and Tango,’ which is still in the early stages of production, though it is predicted to be released in the coming year. All in all, this has been a very busy year for Ms. Bullock.

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