Sex and the City 3?

BATD ON Jan 28, 2010 AT 11:18 am

On the set of Sex and the City

On the set of Sex and the City

If the rumours are true we could expect two more Sex and the City movies. With the sequel set for release this summer our sources tell us the girls may film another two movies back to back.  Movie bosses have come up with the cunning plan of filming two flicks in succession, because the  four leading ladies fear they’re starting to age. HRT and the City…

As much as we love SATC we’re just wondering why they didn’t just make another series, it must obviously have something to do with a fat pay cheque. With the second movie due to hit screens in May and the third movie on the go, SJP and co have all agreed to stay on board.

Over to you what do you think? Should the girls quit while they’re ahead or are you happy to see more SATC sequels?

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One thought on “Sex and the City 3?

  1. If the series and the characters are ageing, so too is their fan base. I’m one of them. Nothing wrong with that. I’m sick of “ageing” being treated like it’s something to be ashamed of. Or worse yet, a disease to be vanquished. If you don’t get old, you died young. And that’s the real shame.

    The writing on the show has always been top grade and handled topics like pregnancy, disease (Sam’s breast cancer) and yes, “ageing”, with humor (without being juvenile) and sympathy (without being mawkish). Some of us who aren’t in the coveted-by-the-fashion-and-entertainment-industres-16-to-30-age range, would appreciate being, well, appreciated!

    Perhaps too its a simple case of a series is more work than either the writers or actors want to do.

    I’m keeping an open mind.