Simon and the Lawyers

Mimi ON Nov 17, 2011 AT 3:59 pm

Simon Cowell Hits Twitter

Simon Cowell Hits Twitter

If you haven’t already heard, Simon Cowell has joined Twitter… and he’s already got over 211,000 followers!

Needless to say he’s not the shy about his success and has already begun to start making trouble, especially with Piers Morgan an his fellow US X Factor judges.

However the gossip doesn’t stop there, our reports from backstage are that FOX networks have banned sexy dance moves on the show after Marcus Canty had to have his routine completely re-choreographed. They’ve even got the lawyers in, who have to now watch the rehearsals to approve the routines!!

Stay tuned for more insider gossip for US X Factor…. straight from the front line.

Simon Cowell Twitter

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