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Simple Skincare

Simple Skincare

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In a recent poll, carried out by Simple skincare it’s no surprise to hear that Amy Winehouse beat everyone to first place in who will age the worst, she was closely followed by Sarah Harding and Pixie Geldof. On the healthy list new mum Billie Piper came in first place as the celebrity who will age the best, she was joined by Cheryl Cole and Martine McCutcheon. It’s easy to see who looks healthy and has clear skin in their 20’s but what about as we age? A lifetime of parties and careless living will be impossible to cover up with make-up as you get older.

Skincare expert, Caroline Frazer, says: ‘The skin is the body’s largest living organism, and the most obvious barometer as to how well you look after yourself.  If you abuse your body by overdoing alcohol, smoking, having late nights and neglecting the skin, while at the same time not eating well or exercising, it automatically follows that this will take its toll on your looks. ‘Whilst a good lifestyle is the obvious way to age well, you should also have a good skincare routine. This includes using a good moisturiser with an SPF.”

Protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the best things you can do to prolong your youthful glow, applied every day and even in the winter, you will massively improve your chances of avoiding fine lines and wrinkles and developing nasty skin pigmentation spots which are really ageing. Make sure you use a minimum of SPF15 throughout the year, rising to SPF30 in the summer as the rays get stronger. If you need some more encouragement to start looking after your skin watch the ageing process in this trailer and you will be reaching for your SPF within seconds!

Click here now to see how lifestyle really affects your skin and be in with the chance of winning a photo of yourself aged 75 based on your lifestyle.  Combined with a healthy diet, low exposure to sun and a healthy lifestyle Simple Repair can assist with the signs of ageing.  Each product is £7.99 (RRP) available from Boots and Superdrug nationwide.

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