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Mimi ON Feb 11, 2011 AT 2:46 pm

Beyonce to headline Glastonbury

Beyonce to headline Glastonbury

Now as the busy little beavers that we are over at BATD HQ, it’s hard for us to catch all the gossip that’s out there all the time. We pick up the best bits but understand there are a whole host of celebs out there doing things that are funny, weird, illegal and generally ‘celebrity’ so we just can’t cover everything.

… However this doesn’t mean that other people don’t though!

Every Friday from now on we’ll be giving you a list of the week’s best bits that we physically can’t get on the site… Just click the link and enjoy!

In the mean time we’ll be giving you as much Hollywood (and occasionally reality TV) gossip as soon as it comes out.

Check out this week’s best bits below:

Beyonce Headlining Glastonbury Festival –

Kayne West shot by Karl Lagerfeld for VMAN magazine –

Heidi Montag: Jennifer Aniston Banned Me From ‘Just Go With It’ Premiere –

Rihanna OKs reducing Brown restraining order –

Lindsay Lohan White-Hot Court Dress Sells Out -

First Look: Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz and Freida Pinto in “Immortals” -

First pics of New York Fashion week -

Jack Black Hosts Nickelodeon’s 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards -

Click here for more BATD gossip…

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