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BATD ON Jan 29, 2010 AT 11:55 am

Cheryl Cole to tour

Cheryl Cole to tour

Following the success of her first solo album, Cheryl Cole and her side-split trousers will be going on tour, and rumour has it if you go to see her live you’re in for one raunchy ride. Chezza will perform a series of concerts which will revolve around a bondage theme complete with sexy stage outfits. A source said: “This is going to be the biggest thing Cheryl has ever done – not to mention the raunchiest.

Think Madonna’s ‘Sticky + Sweet’ shows – with whips. Cheryl’s costumes on tour will be all about slashed-to-the-thigh numbers, plunging corsets, racy leather and PVC outfits, and plenty of bling. Girls will be jealous and guys will be drooling. It’ll be fantastic. Sexy, but classy.”

I love Cheryl but I’ve got to say, I would never associate leather and PVC with the word ‘classy’.

Will you go and see her live?

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