The Cops Pay Paris a Visit

BATD ON Nov 19, 2009 AT 11:25 am

Doug and Paris

Doug and Paris

Oh the dramas in celebville just keep on coming, now we hear police were called to break-up an argument between Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug. Officers were called to her Los Angeles pad after neighbours allegedly saw her and Doug Reinhart “shoving each other” and screaming loudly. According to gossip website TMZ, Doug went to get into his car, prompting Paris to scream, “Don’t go, don’t go“, before they started rowing, eventually going back inside the property.

However Paris claims that it wasn’t even her, she said: “Doug and I were in bed, sound asleep, when Doug’s houseguests from hell got into an argument. We had nothing to do with it. Doug told the LAPD that his guests’ fight was over and that we had nothing to do with it.” Hmm really? A likely story Paris.

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