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Mimi ON Jun 18, 2009 AT 2:46 pm

LAB Active Hand Cream

LAB Active Hand Cream

By Philip Hunt
Today I start my search in the laboratory, with LAB to be precise. Guys, listen, it’s not girlie to use hand lotion (ok, maybe a bit metrosexual). I have been using LAB Active Hand Cream; it’s great, guaranteed to soften those crusty cuticles and turn your talons into nice man hands. Note from Mimi, “I really can be put off by neglected hands, keep a check on them chaps.”

Now to the subject of tanning, and there is no way around it, SUN BEDS ARE BAD NEWS. But can men use fake tan? Thankfully the answer is yes! The easiest to apply and most natural looking I’ve tried are the Ambre Solaire No Streaks Face Wipes ( ) With golden brown results and no tell tale signs, tip: shave first as your beard will turn ginger, unless you are ginger, then embrace it.
THE HUNT is now your human guinea pig.  When using fake tan for the body don’t bother with the gloves, the secret is  slap it on quick. (Mimi doesn’t agree with this!) Once done, scrub your hands and nails with a nail brush and thick soap. Might I suggest Trevarno (natural manly smelly stuff with avocado and tea tree.

Once you’ve done slapping it on, take a moisturiser (Old faithful Botanics- Mens Sensitive Soothing 

Nivea Body Firming Gradual Tan

Nivea Body Firming Gradual Tan

Moisturiser, and massage into elbows, knees, wrists and feet (or any other hard skin areas) this way the fake tan is still doing its job but you won’t get a patchy coverage. Then sit in your birthday suit for an hour. 

Only problem.. it stinks.. solution..yet….

I also like Nivea Body – Firming Gradual Tan for a natural build up colour, but don’t use every day and make sure you exfoliate every week to avoid a build up of colour. Nobody said it would be a walk in the park, why do you think the girls moan about the effort they make that goes unnoticed.

Skinny Bastard

Skinny Bastard

Scientifically speaking there is a lot of drawbacks to eating burgers and fizzy pop and sure enough Skinny Bastard (R. Freedman and K.Barnouin) tells you all about it. However fascinating I found it, after every chapter I had the munchies, for example: “Meat, rotting, decaying, decomposing flesh” I just wanted a bacon butty. “The Dairy disaster” Chocolate milkshake! You just can’t help it. It’s a good read, and it has certainly made a big impact on the way I eat now but it’s a bit of a tease. Let me know what you think. Result: The Hunt is now a vegan, it’s been 8 days, and I’ll keep you posted.

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My latest new gadget is the Sony Ericsson C510 – my new boy’s toy! The phone has a camera with a flip thing so I can’t stop taking photos of random things. One thing I must say, don’t forget to take the plastic film off otherwise all your pics are blurry!!

 Hasta luego

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