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BATD ON Apr 14, 2010 AT 12:43 pm

Catherine Zeta Jones Naked Shoot for Allure

 Allure magazine’s annual Naked Truth issue is out for May and includes naked snaps of celebs such as; Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui, Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw, singer Colbie Caillat, actress Regina Hall, and American Idol judge / Warner Bros. Records exec Kara DioGuardi

The one that got us talking was the shot of Catherine Zeta Jones who was apparently happy to drop her robe for the shoot and says nudity is not an issue for her. 

Catherine Zeta Jones Allure May Cover

 She then said “That’s when your dancing days and being in theatre pay off.” 

“When you’re doing a quick change, you don’t give a s**t who sees you.” 

Although she’s said she’s had to cover up a bit more having moved to New York as she used to stroll around her kitchen naked when she lived in Bermuda. 

She said: “In Bermuda, the children were like naked, opening the back door. So was I. Just running out into the garden. It’s really hard to do that in Central Park!”

I’m not sure that 1.) I want to know about her naked house strolls and 2.) that I want to see a mature woman sprawled naked across a bed, no matter how good she looks. It’s just a bit weird

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