Twilight Mania Hits London

BATD ON Nov 12, 2009 AT 12:04 pm

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Last night Twilight mania swept through London’s Battersea as fans were joined by cast members for a very special fan event. Robert Pattinson was on the red carpet and was greeted with the usual hysteria that seems to follow the star around. He admitted it was strange being back in London and so close to home, he said: “I’m only here for a couple of hours. I used to live round the corner — it’s really bizarre being in Battersea Park. It’s so funny being close to home and the same thing happens. I always thought it was a foreign thing.”

Robert Pattinson Last Night

Robert Pattinson Last Night

With his ever increasing popularity as vampire Edward Cullen, Pattinson has found it increasingly difficult to go out in public with hoards of adoring fans following his every move, He said: “It’s such a novelty to me still. If I’m still stuck in hotel rooms in 10 years and I haven’t figured out any other way than hiding, it probably would annoy me a little bit.”

Co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were also at the event for the New Moon film, Robert also said the fans’ reaction had been increasing as they toured the globe promoting the film: “We went to Japan earlier on in the year. There wasn’t that much of a reaction — but last week when we went again, it suddenly exploded, the same as here. I don’t know how, it just explodes so quickly. It takes seven months to take hold — it’s like a virus.”

Taylor Lautner, 17, who plays Jacob Black said: “The fans in London are surprising me. It’s amazing to know we have this support behind us. It makes us feel like we’re at home.”

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New Moon is released in UK cinemas on 20 November.
Take a look at the trailer below…

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