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BATD ON Jun 23, 2010 AT 1:12 pm

Daniel Craig Topless

A bit of muscle building yoghurt could go a long way!

According to Product Launch Analytics at Datamonitor, we can look forward to some bizarre emerging trends.

Watch out for:

1. Muscle Building Yoghurts. Yes, there may be more to fruits of the forest than you ever imagined, as muscle building, fat burning CLA has already been included in a US yoghurt brand. So, if we spot burly yoghurt eaters, we’ll know how that happened.

2. Laughing gas in drinks. Actually, this is not quite what we thought on first sight..it’s not to enhance your alcohol experience but added to water to tame anxiety, such as pre flight nerves. In Russia, they’re already drinking it.

3. Super-vegetable, Mohoheiya. Already, we don’t like the sound of this good for you green. Fat free, more nutritious than spinach and with a zero cholesterol count, it doesn’t sound nearly as much fun as cake.

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