Weekend Dirt! 14.03.11

Mimi ON Mar 14, 2011 AT 3:07 pm

Lady Gaga visits Drag show

Lady Gaga surprised a Drag Show with a special performance in Louisville, Kentucky.

For those who took a rest from the gossip reel over the weekend, you missed out on some great bits. But no worries, we’ve picked out some gossip to catch you up on a few things! Jake Gyllenhaal had a picture party in the bathroom, new Britney Spears tracks leaked – which are amazing BTW - Gaga and some drag queens sing a duet, and a couple other gossipy bits to start your week off!

Check out the sites below to read up!

Jake Gyllenhaal photo-op in the bathroom: www.tmz.com

Lady Gaga shows a drag queen how it’s donewww.tmz.com

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz are more confusing then the weather: www.justjared.buzznet.com

Whoopsie! Britney Spears has new songs leaked: www.celebuzz.com

Charlie Sheen may be coming to a town near you! Help us nowwww.uk.eonline.com

Zach Galifianakis ‘Hung-over’ at SNL: www.uk.eonline.com

Click here for more gossip…

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