Winstone, Evans & Coogan Party with Gresham

Mimi ON Jan 27, 2012 AT 4:41 pm

Partying with Gresham

Partying with Gresham

This week I had to miss a party with one of my heroes, Ray Winstone and guess what happened in my absence?

Ray Winstone was co-hosting at the London opening of the dapper menswear boutique Gresham this week. Guests at the party included Steve Coogan, Luke Evans and Jaime Winstone, they enjoyed hot tea cocktail toddies by Henrietta Lovell and my spy told me all the goss. Straight down to business; Ray dropped his trousers and ordered Gresham to do the same, he was a total gent and was a brilliant co-host.

He chatted to everyone who wanted to speak to him and caught up with (lovely) Luke Evans, who has played Ray’s son in a film. Luke has another couple of weeks to go before returning to New Zealand to film The Hobbit.

Steve Coogan said that it was his first outing in London after the Levinson Enquiry. His hair is long and curly as he’s playing Paul Raymond, owner of the Raymond Revue in a film.

Jaime Winstone stopped by and discussed getting a tweed shooting jacket from Gresham and caught up with her friend, interior designer Joanna Berryman.

gresham launch party

Some of the attendees - Luke Evans (top left) Ray Winstone and Steve Coogan (middle left), Tim Wade and Krishnan Guru Murphy (bottom right) and Jaime Winstone (bottom left)

Sarah Shotton, the creative director of Agent Provocateur was surprised to run into her old flame, award winning hairdresser, Mark Woolley.

Krishnan Guru Murphy whizzed straight over after reading the Channel 4 News, looked as though he hadn’t paused to take his make-up off.

Smoothie Tim Wade – who’s just about to play Marvin Gaye in an Idris Elba produced film was given stellar industry advice by Ray. Sounds like a brilliant night, I’m hoping for a re-match sometime soon!

Guys you know where to head to get your next whistle!

About the store: This Shoreditch menswear boutique will be the second unit in the Blake portfolio in addition to Brighton store. Gresham Blake is a classic tailoring and clothing brand with am contemporary, urban edge. Blake officially opened his tailoring outfit and store in 2000, rapidly earning himself a cult following with the cognoscenti by repositioning stereotypes of ‘Britishness’.

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