GQ’s One Direction Cover Drama

Mimi ON Jul 31, 2013 AT 9:42 am

So, this morning we were going to bring you One Direction via GQ’s September issue which sees each member of the boy band taking over five individual covers, looking suitably fresh, raw and less boy band, more man band, but instead thanks to a rather prolific backlash from the boys’ most avid, and seemingly violent, not to mention irrational fans, the story has taken a more sombre turn.

Before even skim-reading the interviews, some of 1D’s noisiest fans alerted the magazine as to just how disgusted they were with how the boys were being portrayed in the cover titles. Harry’s, which pulls the comment, “It’s definitely less than 100…’ and states ‘He’s up all night to get lucky’ causing the most fury. And so it is, that GQ have posted some of the most venomous of comments. .  take a read through and let us know how you feel about the boys’ September issue covers.

GQ One Direction covers most terrifying responses.

Harry for GQ

 Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the covers…

Read the full exclusive interview with One Direction in the September issue of British GQ, out Thursday 1st August, priced £3.99. GQ is also available on the iPad, Google Play and Kindle Fire.

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