Heidi Klum Ad Gets Banned in LA

BATD ON Jul 10, 2013 AT 10:52 am

Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake seem to have set a new fashion trend this season- although it’s totally sans clothing. And Heidi Klum has swiftly followed suit, at least in LA she has. Because, whilst Robin Thicke and Justin Timerblake have both had music videos banned from the internet – too damn raunchy for public viewing apparently – Heidi Klum’s billboard ad for the next season of Project Runway, has been banned from display in Los Angeles.

Promoting the 12th series of Project Runway, the risque image shows one-time Victoria’s Secret Angel Klum dressed in full Marie Antoinette gown surrounded by a group of naked subjects kneeling beside her throne.

Project Runway banned ad

The image is thought to be too risqué to be displayed on the streets of Los Angeles and will not be revealed unless underwear is photoshopped onto the bare buff bodies. However, New York has deemed the ad worthy to run and plans to unveil the poster just as it is.

The TV series exposure doesn’t stop with indecent exposure, as Klum takes to Twitter to continue promotion. “Project Runway designers! We need clothing for these people! Fast!” the Victoria’s Secret Angel tweeted. And so right she is.





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