Todays Film Rumour Round-up

BATD ON Oct 14, 2010 AT 3:54 pm

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

There’s quite a lot of movie rumours going around today—and since all of them involve some of our favourite Hollywood leading men, we’re very excited.

The first rumour is actually not a rumour at all; it has been confirmed that the Inception hunk, Tom Hardy, will be in taking a lead role in the upcoming Batman 3.  Insiders are keeping his character under wraps, but many people are speculating that Tom will be playing a villain.  Although the film won’t be out until 2012 we hope that whoever he’s playing will have a lot of shirt-less scenes. Yum.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is rumoured to be the star of The Flash

From one super hero movie to another, we’re hearing that Bradley Cooper is the frontrunner for the leading role in The Flash.  The movie is still in development (it won’t be out until 2013) but we’re excited this rumour— Bradley will no doubt look gorgeous in a skin-tight red suit.

Johnny Depp

Johnny's next role will be a vampire

The last thing we’re hearing is that Johnny Depp will be playing a vampire in a big screen adaptation of the television show Dark Shadows.  The movie will be directed by (surprise surprise) Johnny’s good friend Tim Burton, as both are said to be fans of the 1960s show.  The script has supposedly been handed over to the studio and will begin filming in February.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open to more updates on these films.  Are you looking forward to them as much as we are?

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