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BATD ON Feb 10, 2010 AT 5:21 pm

Rhythms Del Mundo HAITI album

Rhythms Del Mundo HAITI album

Do you want to help out Haiti but don’t know how? Pick up the Rhythms Del Mundo HAITI album. Featuring a real eclectic mix with Wyclef Jean & The Fugees, Coldplay, Green Day, U2 and Shakira all appearing on the record. All the songs have been given a little twist with Cuban-based band Rhythms Del Mundo  remixing some of the tracks.

Available to download now via their website, no price has been set for the album but fans are asked to donate what they believe to be a suitable amount (£5-£10 is suggested) with all profits going towards the support disaster relief.

To listen to some tracks and download the album visit

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