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BATD ON May 15, 2012 AT 11:03 am

Mary Portas: Hotel Britannia

Mary Portas: Hotel Britannia

Gordon Ramsay and Mary Portas have signed up to run a hotel in a new Channel 4 show to help train young people to enter into the service and hospitality industry. Members of the public will be able to stay the night at Hotel Britannia, where the pair will mentor two of the workers offering them training and support.

They will be set a challenge by hosting different events for the shows, and of course we can only expect high drama. The show is made by Optomem, who are behind Kitchen Nightmares and Queen of Shops, who know exactly how to push our buttons to make us laugh and mostly cry. We are looking forward to this one, I wonder of Mary could make Gordon cry…

Stylist Gok Wan, property experts Sarah Beeny and Phil Spencer and Countdown host Nick Hewer could also take up positions at the pop-up hotel in London.

Channel 4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt said Hotel Britannia and The Intern, another planned show, in which job-seekers undergo “a nightmare week of work experience” in the hope of landing an internship in their chosen career, would take on “one of the biggest issues affecting our audience, youth unemployment”.

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