Hottest Athletes of the 2012 Olympics

Mimi ON Aug 11, 2012 AT 7:15 am

The Olympics are well under way and things are really starting to heat up in London, what with the onslaught of beautiful weather we’ve been having, the competition and, of course, the competitors themselves. After much debate, we’ve narrowed it down to 12 of the hottest and fittest athletes of the 2012 games. Its safe to say, you don’t have to like sports to be into these sportsmen and women.

Rafael Nadal, Tom Daley, James Magnussen

Spain’s Rafael Nadal wins our tennis pick, with those arms there really wasn’t any doubt! And of course we had to include the Great British diving sensation that is Tom Daley, if for no other reason than in celebration of his 18th birthday (girls, yes that means he’s now legal)! Meanwhile Aussie swimmer James Magnussen turns heads both in and out of the pool. And may well be the only man who we’d forgive for wearing Speedos.

Clemente Russo, Ben Ainslie, Ryan Lochte

Undoubtedly one of the only reasons we’d tune into the boxing is Italy’s, rather brooding, Clemente Russo. We’d be more than happy to ride the waves with our very own, super suave, sailing-wonder Ben Ainslie. Whilst US swimmer Ryan Lochte shouldn’t require much by way of introduction. . . just look at that body.

Alex Morgan, Blair Evans, Lizzie Armistead

When it comes to the female athletes Alex Morgan of the US women’s soccer team is a stand-out, for her gorgeous glossy locks and perfect dazzling teeth. Aussie swimmer Blair Evans doesn’t get just our vote, (how could she not when she looks like that in a bikini) but also, reportedly Ryan Lochte’s too! GB cyclist sweetheart Lizzie Armistead won us over with her girl-next-door looks after competing earlier this week.

Leryn Franco, Lolo Jones, Zara Dampney

Paraguay’s Leryn Franco reminds us of a javelin-throwing Kim Kardashian whilst US hurdler Lolo Jones manages to look flawless, even after a race. And we’re pretty sure that all of the men tuning into the British beach volleyball will agree that our Team GB star, Zara Dampney, looks amazing in her uniform.. or lack there of.


So, there you go, thought you weren’t into sport? Might we have changed your minds? Let us know who are your 2012 hottest Olympian picks? And who can’t you wait to gawp at during the Games? Tweet us @BATD_com






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