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by Valirie Morgan

Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

Good news for fans of Netflix’s award-winning political drama House of Cards: the show’s producer has confirmed that it has been officially renewed for a third season! The online television and movie streaming service made the announcement yesterday, and it comes just ahead of the series’ second season release.

All thirteen of the season two episodes will be made available on Netflix next Friday, 14th February (because nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a bunch of scheming politicians, right?). Don’t be surprised if fans of the show fall victim to the “binge watching” epidemic of staying glued to their screens until they’ve finished every episode — it’s highly addictive!

The gripping series features two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey as a ruthless South Carolina representative by the name of Francis Underwood, a master manipulator working his way to the top of the political food chain in Washington, D.C. by any means possible. Equally as cutthroat and ambitious is his wife, Claire (played by Robin Wright), who assists in crafting careful strategies for the couple’s quest for power.┬áThe series also stars Kate Mara as a young, hotshot journalist who forms a diabolical and seductive partnership with Underwood.

House of Cards and another Netflix-original show, Orange is the New Black, are making waves despite being exclusive to the online video streaming company. Many have said these shows are exemplifying a dramatic change in the way consumers watch television and other forms of visual entertainment. House of Cards snatched up nine primetime Emmy and four Golden Globe award nominations in its first season, and with such a large following it seems there’s nowhere else to go but up!

Interestingly, House of Cards is a remake of a 1990 BBC series by the same name, but which only ran as four hour-long episodes. It’s also based on the novel by Michael Dobbs.

If you haven’t seen the first season of the hit show yet, there’s still time to catch up on all the action before season two drops next week! Every episode of House of Cards is available on Netflix, and you can take a look at the trailer for the upcoming second season below:

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