I Predict An Exclusive Interview (part 1)

BATD ON May 20, 2010 AT 3:35 pm

Veronica Time

Veronica Time

Star sign predictions are a funny thing; some people swear by them and some people refuse to even consider them. So we thought we’d get our lovely Vedic astrolger, Veronica Time, to give you an exclusive insight into what she does and how she does it.

So open you mind people, we’re not talking magic and voodoo, we’re talking genuine self help and empowerment!

Mimi: What attracted you to astrology in the first place?

Veronica: I was on holiday in the US in 1998, whilst there I met a guy who made 9 gem Vedic astrological arm bangles. The ‘prescription’ for my personalised bangle was made after checking my astrological chart for strengths and weaknesses of planets. The bangle has a gem for each of the planets and it is meant to balance my astrological makeup.

So, initially, it was a nice girly excuse to splash out on a new piece of jewellery with shiny things in it – but then I got hooked and I had a reading done and felt inspired that there really was something to it. So off I trotted and took lessons and joined BAVA (British Association of Vedic Astrologers).

M: How does Vedic astrology differ from more westernised versions of astrology?

V: The key difference is that Vedic astrology uses a star-based zodiac rather than the season-based one western readers use. I have heard it likened to the difference between Eastern and Western philosophy, in the West we focus more on external success of this one life, the East is more about inner spiritual growth on a journey of many lifetimes.

We use the same 12 signs of Aries through to Pisces, although instead of starting with the Sun sign, we read from the rising sign, the Ascendant (being the doorway that all our experiences come through), then the Moon (which is about how we feel and experience what happens), and then lastly the Sun sign. For me that meant I went from being a Leo sun sign in western astrology to becoming Taurean Ascendant in Vedic – took a bit of getting used to!

Vedic also splits the zodiac into 27 houses of the Moon and this gives a deeper insight into things.

Then there’s the two places where eclipses can happen. In the chart we call them Rahu and Ketu - the head and the tail of a serpent. The houses these fall in become your karmic axis which tells what experiences you’ve come to have. We choose our charts before we are born. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ chart, we made our choices – not for the easiest life, but for one that will develop us further.

In total there are 16 different charts and umpteen techniques and tables that can be used – I’m definitely no expert! I use what I understand in a way works for my clients.

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