I Predict An Exclusive Interview (part 2)

Mimi ON May 20, 2010 AT 3:34 pm

Veronica Time

Veronica Time


M: Give us some stories of how you have helped people make different choices after seeing their chart? 

V: People come for many reasons, from curiosity to just about any issue you can think of. I’m a qualified coach and counsellor and I’m also training to be a shamanic practitioner. I intuitively use all these disciplines in my work.

Everyone has their own astrological energies which emanate out and directly impact on others. That’s where comparing charts of people in a relationship can be very enlightening. For instance, if someone has their Saturn sitting directly on their Ascendant then they will always obstruct what you are trying to achieve. 

By melding astrology and shamanism we can use the chart to understand events that have happened, to heal the past in the present moment and to get ourselves into the best possible position to choose our future.

And that’s an important thing to remember, we aren’t fixed by our astrology – we have personal awareness and choice in every moment in how we react to situations. 

The changes people make after working on their chart can be quite momentous. I have had people who have changed their careers, broken out of toxic relationships, found forgiveness and peace with old traumas as well as gaining direction for future choices. Without an instruction manual we all do the best we can in life, working your chart means a whole new approach to life becomes available. I’ve even had people who have conquered addictions once they realise what was behind the need for them. Every bad habit we have comes from trying to protect ourselves, once we know how to choose a new more positive kind of protection the habit can fall away. 

The Vedic Astrology Chart

The Vedic Astrology Chart

M: What do you enjoy most about your job?

V: I definitely like working with people, it gives a great buzz to know that you have played a part in someone’s future. You may have guessed by now that I’m certainly not a conventional astrologer as I do use the shamanic and coaching techniques I have learned to assist in the work. 

M: You also do Tarot, what would you say to people that are sceptical about card readings?

V: Ah, Tarot! I love the Tarot and have worked with it for over 30 years. Tarot is a medium through which our higher self can translate messages for our conscious mind to understand. It wasn’t always about cards, in ancient China they had an aviary with pairs of birds in it, when the person coming for the reading entered the cage, the reading would be given depending on where the birds flew to. Birds are very sensitive to electro magnetic energies. I do use cards, they become the medium to translate the story to the client. I also believe it’s possible to find the tarot in everyday life, like how come all the traffic lights are red today? Is there a message in there about hold up’s that you have no control over? How come there is a water leak at home – water links with spirit - could it be connected to your spiritual energy?

M: Do you think we can tell if someone is a certain star sign, what are the giveaways?

V: I think there are giveaways, in build, face shapes, body shapes, actions and personalities. Vedic astrology is one of the ‘arms’ of the ancient body of knowledge called the Vedas. Ayruveda is another arm and deals with medical science. It recognises what are called ‘doshas’ There’s Pitta (fire) Kapha (water) and Vata (air). These 3 doshas are also used in astrology and they can be indicators of what element a person is dominant in. 

M: Is there a celebrity out there you’d love to sit down with to change their path?

V: Jordan - definitely! She has an enormous amount of unbridled energy! Although she lives much of her life under the spotlight, I think she is also deeply intuitive. I’d love to work on harnessing that with her! 

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Veronica is also a Vedic astrologer, contact her for a more in depth reading on time2012@live.co.uk  

Visit her website: www.time2012.co.uk  

Follow her on Twitter: @veronicatime. 

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