Interview: Ophelia Lovibond

Mimi ON Aug 08, 2011 AT 2:45 pm

Ophelia on set with Jim Carey in Mr Popper's Penguins

Ophelia on set with Jim Carey in Mr Popper's Penguins

This actress has not only got a great name but Ophelia Lovibond has also been a busy bee of late and has a lot in the pipeline for the future. She is currently starring alongside Jim Carey in Mr Popper’s Penguins and sat down to talk all about working alongside the comedian, plus lots of tips and tricks for fashion and beauty too. We’ll definitely be using her idea for Manuka Honey as a face mask…

Read all about her in our interview with her below and click through to read about her fashion and beauty tips and tricks…

BATD:How did you get into acting?

Ophelia: It was a workshop that my mum sent my brother along to, just to keep him occupied. He went along and said “Oh, you’d love it, you should come.” I didn’t really think I would enjoy it and then I went along and I just took to it and I loved it. I was ten.

BATD: And you starred in a number of very different films, what’s your favourite to date?

O: Oh, that’s impossible. They’re all so different. They all have different things to offer in terms of what you get to do as an actor. I couldn’t do choose!

Ophelia Lovibond at the world premiere of last year

Ophelia Lovibond at the world premiere of last year

BATD: Your new film, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, you worked with real penguins on set with Jim Carrey. What were the penguins and Jim like to work with?

O: [Laughs] Well, I didn’t work with the penguins that much because a lot of my stuff was on location. In a lot of my scenes, I had to imagine them… that they were there. It was like playing a game.

With Jim it was just a dream. I’ve loved his films since I was really young, since I was first aware of film making. To be working with him and being a part of what he does, which is incredible, I just felt very lucky.

BATD: Is he just as funny in real life?

O: He is very funny. But he’s not performing, or switched ‘on’ all the time. I think a lot of people think he is but he’s very calm, he’s really just nice guy to hang around with. He makes you feel very relaxed.

BATD: You were brought up in the UK. What’s your favourite place to go when not on the set?

O: In England? I love the Hampstead pools. It’s cool, and it’s slimy and it’s freezing but where else do you have that kind of thing? [Laughs] Just a couple of these freezing cold pools in the middle of London. I love going there.

BATD: I’ve never been in and I always think they’re so brave to get in.

O: [gasps] Never been in? No! Run along the deck and bomb it in! It’s cool.

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